Business Lawyer in Dallas TX

Business Lawyer in Dallas TX

Opening a new business can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to deal with attracting new customers and managing your brand, but you will also be responsible for filing important paperwork and other legal challenges. Taking care of these things may lead you to face difficulties, obstacles, and unknown territories that may be hard to navigate. By working with an established business attorney, you will be able to work with someone throughout the entire process, that is advocating for your best interest.


Issues Business Attorneys Can Help With

Listed below are some of the most common things business attorney can help your company with:

  • Drafting a thorough business plan
  • Researching and selecting a name for your company
  • Purchasing an online domain name for your professional website
  • Applying for an employer identification number (EIN), in order to legally file taxes with the IRS
  • Applying for any licenses and permits your specific business may need
  • Creating the criteria for interviewing and hiring employees
  • Obtaining and submitting IRS forms that fit your type of business
  • Documenting and recording company meetings
  • Hiring independent contractors and vendors
  • Creating contracts for customers or clients
  • Updating any contracts under which you are currently operating
  • Dealing with audits by the IRS

While these are just some of the many things business attorneys can help you with, the list goes far beyond. While some of these tasks may seem simple to take on yourself, having the peace of mind that your business has been properly protected and that you have filed all the necessary paperwork can allow you to grow your business confidently.


Issues Which Should be Handled By a Business Lawyer

Most businesses will reach a point in their development or growth, in which they will be faced with a legal matter that is more difficult than they can handle on their own. When this happens, you will want to know you are working with a trustworthy attorney that has the experience you need to help guide you through. Here are some common scenarios for when you might need help with your legal needs:

Selecting a legal business entity: Selecting a business entity will matter throughout the future of your company’s development. A business attorney will be able to work with you to balance the benefits and setbacks of each choice to make the best selection for you.

Drafting a Founders’ Agreement: These are contracts that a company’s founders enter into that governs their business relationships. The agreement will clearly explain the rights, responsibilities, liabilities, and obligations of each founder. Our business attorney can assist you with partnership agreements and corporate bylaws.

Contract review: A lawyer can assist you in drafting and negotiating a variety of important contracts.

Creating employment standards: As a business grows its workforce, a business attorney can help keep up with labor laws and employment standards to protect you and your staff.

Sale/Acquisition: A small business lawyer can protect your interests in negotiating for the sale of your company or for the acquisition of another business.

Protecting Intellectual Property: Protecting your intellectual property from competitors can play an important role in the growth of your company. We work with a wide variety of businesses to help them reach their goals.


Business Attorney in Dallas, Texas and the State of Texas

Attorney Fuller is a seasoned attorney with nearly three decades of experience representing a wide range of clients. This includes individuals who have suffered an injury due to another’s actions, individuals facing criminal charges, those who have been arrested for DWI, individuals who have found themselves in a civil litigation dispute, and those looking for legal guidance in business.

After filling out a client intake form, Attorney Lanease D. Fuller will take appropriate action in your case to help you get the results you are looking for. This includes but not limited to gathering evidence, going to trial, and earning a settlement that is appropriate for your specific situation. Reach out to us today to take the first step towards settling your case.


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