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When you have been injured due to the reckless or negligent actions of another person, business, or entity, you should not be responsible for the financial burden your injury places on you. Not only are there medical bills to consider, but the loss of wages from missed work, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. When you work with an experienced Brazoria County, TX personal injury attorney, such as Lanease Fuller, you can move forward with confidence knowing you are not alone. Attorney Fuller is a seasoned professional and knows exactly what it takes to get her clients the results they are looking for in their case. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

Personal Injury Lawyer Brazoria County TX

A personal injury lawyer in Brazoria County can be the difference between settling for less than you deserve and negotiating a settlement that truly takes care of your needs. Attorney Fuller has nearly three decades of experience working with her injured clients to ensure their needs are met and that they are able to get justice for their injuries. Money cannot erase the trauma from your accident, but it can help make it easier to accommodate your needs and carry on with your life. Remember, the sooner you reach out to an attorney after your accident, the better your chances will be to get the results you are looking for in your case. Contact us today and make the first step towards resolving your personal injury case in Brazoria County.

Injury Attorney Brazoria County TX

Everyday thousands of people suffer injuries that are not their fault. These injuries can happen in car accidents, nursing homes, in public shopping plazas, and just about anywhere else imaginable. So what happens whenever you suffer a serious injury that is not your fault? Working with a seasoned injury attorney in Brazoria County can help you navigate this difficult time and recover compensation for the situation you are in. We work with you to help provide evidence of another party’s fault, so you can recover compensation in your case and move forward. Our team understands how quickly medical expenses can add up and want to help protect your best interests moving forward.


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Brazoria County is included in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan statistical area. It is located in the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

Regionally, parts of the county are within the extreme southernmost fringe of the regions locally known as Southeast Texas. Brazoria County is among a number of counties that are part of the region known as the Texas Coastal Bend. Its county seat is Angleton, and its largest city is Pearland. Brazoria County, like nearby Brazos County, takes its name from the Brazos River. It served as the first settlement area for Anglo-Texas, when the Old Three Hundred emigrated from the United States in 1821. The county also includes what was once Columbia and Velasco, Texas, early capital cities of the Republic of Texas. The highest point in Brazoria County is Shelton’s Shack, located near the Dow Chemical Plant B Truck Control Center, measuring……

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