Can My Attorney Talk To Insurance Adjusters For Me

Can My Attorney Talk To Insurance Adjusters For Me?

Unfortunately, for many individuals who have been injured in car accidents or other circumstances out of their control, the difficulties are just beginning after the accident. There is a long, tedious, and often overwhelming experience ahead of injury victims.

Not only will they be left with the burden of proof that another party was at-fault for their injuries, they will also have to communicate with predatory insurance adjusters. These insurance adjusters only have one interest in mind, protecting their company. This means they will go out of their way to minimize or deny your claim, in order to pay you as little as possible.

Hiring a personal injury attorney after an auto accident can help you to protect yourself in many different ways. Your personal injury lawyer can outline to you exactly what you should and should not say, as well as speak on your behalf to avoid potential pitfalls but in place by insurance adjusters.

They will often ask you the same question, multiple times, with slightly altered phrasing to try and trip you up and create inconsistencies in your story. Your car accident lawyer can take a recorded statement, to present in your case as a way to avoid this trap.


When to Contact a Lawyer About an Insurance Claim

Should you contact a lawyer to discuss your insurance claim? Small run-of-the-mill claims usually settle without trouble. But in cases where there’s more at stake—for both you and the insurance company—there may be a higher chance for dispute. This could include:

  • Claims where you and the insurance adjuster don’t agree early on
  • Expensive or complex claims
  • Large claims, such as house damage after a fire, extensive water problem or tornado
  • Claims where fault is hard to establish

If you have one of these claims, you’re more likely to need legal help. Speaking with an experienced lawyer before you contact your insurance company to make a claim can help you avoid hurting your case when you communicate with experienced insurance representatives when you open a claim, he adds.


How Long Does an Insurance Claim Take?

A car insurance claims process can be resolved in as little as a few weeks, or as long as a few months. The length of time that it takes to settle a claim depends on the insurer, the state and the type of claim.

Most states protect consumers by encouraging insurance companies to handle car accident claims promptly.

Texas – Insurers have 30 days to accept or reject a claim and then five days to issue payment once a settlement is agreed upon.

However, the amount of time for the claims process usually depends on the specific claim. For instance, personal injury claims take longer to resolve than property damage claims.


Factors That May Delay A Claim Process

Certain factors can delay the claim process. Here are some of the biggest ones you might run into:

Severity of the injuries: If a driver is badly injured in a car accident, expect the settlement to take longer. The driver has to finish treatment in order to determine how much money they can get.

Dispute over which driver was responsible: After an accident, it’s not always immediately clear who was responsible. If there is a dispute about each driver’s negligence, it’s going to take the insurance companies longer to settle the claim.

Back-and-forth negotiations: In general, settlement negotiations can take a lot of time. There’s usually a good amount of back-and-forth between lawyers, victims, and the car insurance companies.


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