Attorney for New Business in Houston

A mistake many new business owners make os opening their new company without working with a business lawyer. There are many complex legal issues that come in the early business formation stages that can greatly impact the future of your Texas business.

Large sized businesses are not the only ones that can benefit from seeking legal advice from a business law attorney, small businesses also should seek legal counsel to protect themselves.

Attorney Lanease Fuller has nearly thirty years of experience helping business entities protect themselves and through all stages of development. Reach out to our law firm today to learn more about how our Houston business lawyer can help you.

What an Attorney Can Do for Your New Business

A business attorney can advise you on issues that your business may face throughout its existence; examples of issues include what legal entity (e.g. corporation vs. LLC) to use to form a business, the legal implications of using employees versus independent contractors, drafting and negotiating contracts, governmental entities that might be investigating your business, terminating a contract or employees, or merging or acquiring another business.

Any time your business is uncertain about a potential action that it might be taking, contact your business attorney to discuss the action and any ramifications that might result from that action. It is generally better to err on the side of caution and pull your business attorney in sooner rather than later.

As an example, let’s look at how an attorney can help your business with contracts. Contracts are prevalent in all types of businesses, but businesses rarely have their attorneys review contracts before they are signed. An attorney can pinpoint typical problem clauses in contracts related to assignment, termination, and dispute resolution.

More specifically, if your contract does not have an anti-assignment provision, the other party may be able to assign the contract to a third-party with whom you do not want to do business. Similarly, your attorney can change the contract to require that the parties mediate disputes before running to the courthouse, which may save your business money if a dispute arises. These are simply things that your attorney can do before a contract is signed that may save you money down the road.

Businesses are often quick to take action under an executed contract, such as withholding payments or terminating contracts, without consulting an attorney. Maybe the contract does not allow the business to terminate the contract without giving the other party the chance to cure the breach of the contract.

Similarly, if a business uses independent contractors, the business’s attorney can draft an independent contractor agreement that is favorable to the business. In that light, you should consult with an attorney before terminating any employees or independent contractors. Discuss these actions and issues with your attorney to ensure you are not exposing your business to greater risk.

Experienced Business Attorney in Houston, Texas

Attorney Fuller is a seasoned attorney with nearly three decades of experience representing a wide range of clients. This includes individuals who have suffered an injury due to another’s actions, individuals facing criminal charges, those who have been arrested for DWI, individuals who have found themselves in a civil litigation dispute, and those looking for legal guidance in business.

After filling out a client intake form, Attorney Lanease D. Fuller will take appropriate action in your case to help you get the results you are looking for. This includes but not limited to gathering evidence, going to trial, and earning a settlement that is appropriate for your specific situation. Reach out to us today to take the first step towards settling your case.


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