Tips on How To Avoid a DWI This Holiday Season

Tips on How To Avoid a DWI This Holiday Season

Are you looking for tips on how to avoid a DWI this holiday season? Read below to find out how you can avoid spending the night in jail during the holidays:

Get a Designated Driver: If you know your holiday celebrations are going to include alcohol, plan ahead and designate a driver to get you home. Your driver should abstain from consuming any alcoholic beverages and be prepared to drive all intoxicated parties to their final destination of the night. If your designated driver decides to drink once they make it to the event you are going to, consider booking a hotel or staying the night.

Download a Rideshare App: Apps like Uber and Lyft make it easier than ever before for individuals to enjoy holiday parties and celebrations with alcohol. You will want to plan ahead and make sure that it is easy to get a rideshare vehicle to make pick you up from your location and that you have the necessary funds to ride to and from the location. Certain times will cause the price of these rides to spike. If you notice the ride is more money then when you originally checked the costs, give yourself an hour and check the price again.

Plan to Stay the Night: Sleeping on a couch on a palette on the floor might not be your ideal accommodations, however, it is much more comfortable than a jail cell. If you are planning to drink at the holiday event you are attending, check ahead to make sure you will have a place to sleep. If you are traveling out of town, check nearby hotel options and take a rideshare to your hotel. This will help to protect you and other drivers on the road.

Don’t Drink: The best way to avoid a DUI is to avoiding drinking alcohol all together. This will keep you out of trouble with police officers even if you are pulled over for an out light, speeding, or some other small traffic offense. The officer may still request a field sobriety test to ensure you are not drunk driving but you blood alcohol content will prove you are sober.

Follow these tips on how to avoid a DWI this holiday season to stay out of trouble with law enforcement.

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