Surprising Ways You Can Mess Up Your Personal Injury Case

Surprising Ways You Can Mess Up Your Personal Injury Case

Have you been injured due to the reckless or negligent actions of another person, business, or entity? Are you in need of costly medical care and want to hold the responsible parties accountable for your injury? Our law firm can help you. We offer free consultations with an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you navigate this difficult situation. From slip and falls to dog bites and car accidents our personal injury law firm is here to help represent you through this difficult time.

Read below surprising ways you can mess up your personal injury case to avoid making mistakes that can negatively impact the outcome of your personal injury case.

Honesty, Sharing Information and Social Media

When speaking to the lawyer about the case and the information contained within, it is best to ensure the victim of the incident is honest about both the good and bad aspects. The legal representative should not have any surprises that may cause issues with the case later. The facts should be shared with him or her. While it is best to share with the lawyer, other persons should not be communicated with about the details of the case. This includes insurance adjusters, other lawyers, jurors, family, friends and strangers. The specifics about the claim should remain between client and legal representative only. Additionally, as these particulars about the on-goings in the legal world should remain only between those involved, the person seeking compensation should not use any type of social media to broadcast his or her incident information. Sites and applications such as Facebook may assist in ruining the case long before it gets to the point where evidence corroborates the injuries.

Documentation to Avoid and that Must be Completed

Any form of contract or document presented to the initiator of the suit should not be signed without the presence of the lawyer. Any manner of fine print could cause a serious problem later. Any license that requires physical activity to renew, even if it is just driving, should be put off for later. These may need signature on documentation, but a test of sorts may be necessary beforehand. Certain deadlines are part of the case that demand certain paperwork to be processed within a statute of limitations. Typically, this is handled by the lawyer, but the client should go over all of this as well to understand this process better.

Medical, Insurance and Evidence

It is best to ensure medical appointments with healthcare professionals are kept and all medications are filed and used as directed. An insurance adjuster may make these appointments to ensure a valid and thorough examination is performed to ensure the victim of the personal injury case has been harmed as specified by the individual. All evidence from doctors, medical staff and everyone involved in the incident should be kept and provided to the lawyer obtained for the case. This is used later to show how the injuries and other concerns are relevant to the case and how the claim for compensation is valid.

Surveillance, Image and Life Changes

When the person connected to a personal injury claim has initiated the processes, he or she may be placed under surveillance by the insurance company or the opposing legal team when a suit has been filed. This is done to catch the victim performing tasks he or she should not be able to accomplish with the injuries claimed. Other behavior may be caught that damages the claim as well. All email, voicemail and communications should be professional and with a proper tone. Even these could be used as evidence against the victim of these cases. Anything said or done may be used in court or in front of a jury at some point. If the person that hired the lawyer moves or has a change in employment, it is his or her responsibility to inform the legal representative and ensure all paperwork and documentation are sent and filed for the correct address.

These are just some of the surprising ways you can mess up your personal injury case. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost no-obligation consultation with our legal team.

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