Injury Claims Attorney Near Sugar Land, TX

Injury Claims Attorney Near Sugar Land, TX

When you become injured due to the reckless or negligent actions of another person or entity, it is vital that you take you personal injury claim seriously from the beginning. One misstep can greatly impact the outcome of your case, leaving you with less compensation than you need to cover your medical bills and other associated costs. Attorney Lanease Fuller is a rising star among Sugar Land personal injury lawyers. Not only is she able to offer excellent legal advice, she is also a trial lawyer who is not afraid to take legal action when one of her clients has been injured in an accident.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident and need someone to represent you against predatory insurance companies, have been a victim to malpractice, were involved in a commercial truck accident, or were injured in another accident, our law office wants to hear from you. We take personal injury cases on a contingency basis and provide free consultations to our clients. This means, there is no risk to you. Reach out to us today before the statute of limitations runs up and you are unable to take action for the pain and suffering you have endured.


Steps For A Personal Injury Claim Case

The legal experts at NOLO provide an in-depth look into the steps for filing a personal injury claim below:

Get Medical Treatment: The first thing that you should do after getting injured in an accident is get medical treatment. That means, if you have even the slightest sense that you are hurt, go to the emergency room or make an appointment see your doctor. Not only is this the right thing to do for your health, but, if you don’t see a doctor for some time after an accident, the insurance adjuster and the jury will probably assume that your injuries aren’t that serious.

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer: For anything more than a very minor claim, it’s usually a good idea to at least discuss your situation with a personal injury lawyer. You can handle a small personal injury claim yourself (as long as you’re comfortable with the process and confident you can get a fair result), but you will absolutely need a lawyer for any personal injury claim where you suffered significant injury, or the other side is putting up a fight on key issues. In general, if you are out of work for more than a couple of days, if you break a bone, or if your medical bills total more than a couple of thousand dollars, you should talk to a lawyer, and you might want to meet several of them. Get details on what to ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Lawyer Investigates Claim and Reviews Medical Records: One of the first things your lawyer will do is interview you. The lawyer wants to know everything you know about the accident, your injuries, and your medical treatment. Lawyers don’t want to be surprised, so make sure to answer all questions as completely as you can.

Next, the lawyer will get all of your medical records and bills relating to the injury and will probably also get your medical records for any treatment you have ever had relating to the condition at issue in the case. This can take months.

Lawyer Considers Making Demand and Negotiating: Many smaller personal injury claims are settled before a lawsuit is ever filed. If the lawyer thinks that the case can be settled, they will make a demand to the other attorney or the other side’s insurance company. Learn more about how the settlement negotiation process works in a personal injury case.

A good lawyer will not make a demand until the plaintiff has reached a point of maximum medical improvement (MMI). MMI is when the plaintiff has ended all medical treatment and is as recovered as possible. This is because, until the plaintiff has reached MMI, the lawyer does not know how much the case is worth.

The lawyer should also not file a lawsuit until MMI. This is because, if the plaintiff is not at MMI by the time that the case goes to trial, the jury might undervalue the case.

If settlement talks stall or the two sides are two far apart, the case moves into the “litigation” phase.

The Personal Injury Lawsuit is Filed: The litigation phase starts when you and your lawyer file a personal injury lawsuit in court. The filing of the lawsuit starts the clock running on when the case might get to trial. Every state’s pretrial procedures are different, but generally it will take one to two years for a personal injury case to get to trial. Keep in mind that a lawsuit needs to be filed within strict time limits that every state has set in a law called a statute of limitations.


Personal Injury Lawyer in Sugar Land

If you or someone you love has been injured and is seeking financial compensation following an accident, our team wants to hear from you. We work with individuals that have sustained an injury as the result of another person or entity’s reckless or negligent behaviors. Our team is familiar with what goes into proving fault in personal injury cases and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the money you deserve.


Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Sugar Land, Texas

Attorney Fuller is a seasoned attorney with nearly three decades of experience representing a wide range of clients. This includes individuals who have suffered an injury due to another’s actions, individuals facing criminal charges, those who have been arrested for DWI, individuals who have found themselves in a civil litigation dispute, and those looking for legal guidance in business.

After filling out a client intake form, Attorney Lanease D. Fuller will take appropriate action in your case to help you get the results you are looking for. This includes but not limited to gathering evidence, going to trial, and earning a settlement that is appropriate for your specific situation. Reach out to us today to take the first step towards settling your case.



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